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XWing Questions Options
#1 Posted : 12 October 2019 22:03:40

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So happily building my Falcon, and considering subbing to this whilst its fresh and their will be no stress over pieces and stockpile them


1) Does it have the same quality of frame as the falcon, steel / aluminium etc or is i more of a glorified airfix. I know its big but I would still want the same 'construction' experience To ask another way, I DO think the falcon was worth the money I paid, for someone reading this who has both the falcon and XWing do you ALSO think the XWing is worth the money If you think the falcon was worth it

2) The PREMIUM subscription will work out at an extra £99 ... but from what I can see this is literally for 5-6 tiny models which are in NO way worth that extra markup.. or am I missing something?

3) Will there be any problems with a UK sub.. the falcon was an utter nightmare which resulted in my buying someone else's (unopened) collection and selling off the 16 magazines I managed to get from MS. True answers pleased, not sales speak. I want to trust Model Space / Daegostini.. but am rightly worried (IMO)

#2 Posted : 13 October 2019 00:50:33

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I will try to answer your questions, but you did ask subjective questions and are likely to receive subjective answers. For full disclosure I am a Model Space forum support team member, but these are my own opinions.

The X-wing does have a metal frame based on the parts I have received so far (up to month 11). The plastic parts are prepainted and the standard of that painting I think is a bit better than the Falcon, but as with the falcon I suspect some will choose to repaint.

I opted for the premium , but I am in USA so I am not sure if the extras are the same as in the UK release. If you dont feel the extra cost justifies what you get you are under no obligation to choose the premium subscription

As far as asking will there be problems I am sure you cant expect anyone to predict the future.I have received all of my months on time so far.

So far most of the parts I have received are for the 4 wings and some cockpit parts. There is some light leak with the cannons and R2, but these were easy fixes.

It is an impressive size and likely will be quite heavy and solid once finished.
#3 Posted : 13 October 2019 10:08:03

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I poke at what Carl has already mentioned. I'm already at issue 70, meaning all 4 wings are done, and the cockpit frame is complete. At the moment I am mounting the transmission for the drive. All 4 wings are mounted on steel rods. The X-Wing has a sturdy frame construction like the Falcon. The panels are not only plugged, but also screwed. every one of the 4 wings are reinforced with metal frames. This ensures stability. The X-wing has a considerable weight at the end, as stability must be guaranteed. The panels on the X-Wing are pre-painted with the features that each X-Wing had. All in all, this will be a great model. Also, several modifications are possible. There is enough space to accommodate a lot. The pictures show you the dimensions of the model.

must have!!BigGrin BigGrin

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#4 Posted : 13 October 2019 20:40:22

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Appreciate the answers, they are in line with what I was looking for.

My main concern is that the millenium falcon was by its very nature SUPER detailed with 100's and 100's of greeblies and LOTS to do. The detail was off the scale. Its just taken me best part of 4 hours just to put the top hull together and that is JUSt the frames, and panels

never mind the detailing, the painting, the 'recess' details

As a smaller ship, the xwing there appears to be (watching some videos) only half (or less) as much 'work' to do on this xwing for them same (or more with premium).

The packs seem to contain very little in terms of modelling enjoyment

The end piece, of course, looks amazing as we expect from deagostini

The MF feels like a £900 model, the xwing look like it should be half the price even though the size is comparable.

I will have to give it some though, many thanks
#5 Posted : 19 November 2019 20:47:44

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Does anyone have some tips on painting the Life Support Console from issue 36? All black seems rather bland.
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