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Fiat 126P Official Build Diary - Pack 1 Options
James H
#1 Posted : 09 December 2019 09:50:04

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Firstly, our apologies for not getting the official build guide started earlier, but logistics and other factors have delayed it. Not to worry, here we are at last with Pack 1. I will get more packs soon and endeavour to publish ahead of customer release for you as with other official builds.

Our new Fiat 126P project has FIVE stages over five individual blisters. Ok, let’s get this particular Polski party started!

Stage 1: Your first parts

Pack contains:
1A. Front panel
1B. Headlights
1C. Left front indicator housing 1D. Right front indicator housing 1E. Left headlight frame
1F. Right headlight frame
1G. Left headlight housing
1H. Right reflector housing
1I. Front badge base
1J. Front badge
1K. Left headlight lens
1L. Right headlight lens
1M. Left front indicator lens
1N. Right front indicator lens AM. 1.7 x 3mm screws
AP. 1.7 x 3mm screws
BP. 1.5 x 4mm screws Screwdriver

These blister packs sure look lively with their red card backing. In this pack, you’ll find the all-important screwdriver that you’ll use throughout the whole project.

This particular packet contains parts for the front of the car, with all of the lights, lenses and the iconic Polski Fiat name plate. All parts here will be used in this stage, and as always, there’s a screw or two left over after assembly.

This photo shows you the orientation of parks 1K and 1L when fitted into the front panel 1A. After fitting this one into place (1K), it’s time to flip the assembly over…

…and add part the headlight (reflector) part 1B. With that in place, put the left headlight housing 1G in position. A quick note here that I can’t see any difference whatsoever between the left and right-hand parts here.

Secure the parts by using two of the AM screws using your shiny new screwdriver. Don’t overtighten these but do make sure that the parts are nipped up nicely and don’t move.

I also can’t actually detect any differences in the left and right headlight frames 1E and 1F. I took one of these and pushed it into position on the outside of the headlight. This fits snugly into position with no effort. Now repeat the right-hand side using the numbered components in your instruction manual.

Take the Left front indicator housing 1C and sit in position. These are handed and it is obvious which is which.

Now take the Right front indicator lens 1N and sit in position over the previous part.

Take two screws from the pack labelled BP and securely fix the indicator light assembly parts in place. Again, I can’t emphasise enough that you must only tighten these enough to stop them moving about.

The Front badge base 1I will only fit in one direction. Carefully pop it into place…

…and secure from behind with a single screw from the AP packet.

Take the Front Badge 1J and turn it to the reverse. Using the tip of a sharp knife, peel away the backing on the double-sided tape and carefully position the badge over the badge base. Push firmly into position.

Your finished stage will undoubtedly look exactly like this. Put safely away until needed again.

James H
#2 Posted : 09 December 2019 09:54:13

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Stage 2: The bonnet

Pack contents:
2A. Bonnet
2B. Transverse reinforcement
2C. Longitudinal reinforcement
2D. Transverse reinforcement
2E. Hinges
BM. 2.0 x 4mm screws
CM. 2.3 x 4mm screws
EM. 2.0 x 3mm screws

This is the blister pack you’ll need for this next stage. Carefully open it up and don’t lose any parts.

An odyssey in mustard yellow! Not too many parts here, so let’s crack on.

Take the Transverse reinforcement 2D and screw the hinges 2E to it using the screws in the packet marked CM. Make sure these are firm and don’t wobble about.

Take the other Transverse reinforcement 2B and sit above the screw locating positions on the bonnet 2A.

When in place, this is how it should look.

Using six screws from pack BM, securely fasten part 2B to the bonnet 2A.

The Longitudinal reinforcement 2C now needs placing within the bonnet, over the screw positions in down the centre.

Use two screws EM, secure the part firmly within the bonnet.

Take the assembly you built at the beginning of stage 2 and position it within the bonnet over the last row of screw positions. This will only fit one way.

Again using the screws from pack BM, fasten the assembly within the bonnet.

Et voila! Now put this safely away until later in the construction of your Fiat 126P.

James H
#3 Posted : 09 December 2019 09:58:08

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Stage 3: A wheel and tyre

Pack Contents:
3A. Tyre
3B. Outer wheel rim
3C. Inner wheel rim
3D. Wheel trim
3E. Valve
3F. Pad
3G. Brake plate
3H. Handbrake actuating lever
DM. 2.0 x 3 x 5.5mm screws

Take this shiny new blister pack and carefully open it up.

Here we have all the parts you need to build that all-important first wheel. All parts here wheel (pun) be used!

Take the tyre 3A and the Outer wheel rim 3B and push them together. The wheel is the same on both sides, so orientation is unimportant.

Now take the Inner wheel rim 3C and push unto position so the holes align with the lugs in the outer wheel rim.

Secure the inner and outer wheel rims using three of the screws from packet DM.

The Valve 3E is quite small so be careful that is doesn’t flick away and become lost. Push this into the hole in the outer wheel rim 3B.

Take the Brake plate 3G and the Handbrake actuating lever 3H. Note that this will only fit in one position due to a pin and hole on the parts.

Push the two parts together. This is a nice, easy step and you really can’t do anything wrong.

Put all parts as seen and put them away until later in construction.

James H
#4 Posted : 09 December 2019 10:02:28

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Location: Lancashire, UK
Stage 4: The front suspension

Pack contents:
4A. Front suspension base
4B. Left wheel hub
4C. Left wishbone
4D. Plates
4E. Left kingpin
4F. Lower shock absorber mounts
4G. Bump stops
4H. Right wheel hub
4I. Right wishbone
4J. Right kingpin
EM. 2 x 3mm screws
BM. 2 x 4mm screws
FM. 2 x 10mm screws
LM. 2 x 4mm screws (countersunk)

Quite a few components to tackle here, so with no further ado, let’s commence construction.

Nothing quite like an arty photo with the components for an upcoming build stage, so here it is!

Take the Front suspension base 4A and push the two Bump stops 4G into position on the locating pins.

This is how the assembly looks with those parts in place.

Unless you look really close at the instructions and try to decipher them, the specific parts here aren’t easily identifiable as left or right. Thankfully, I’ve done the hard work for you. Take part 4I (identified by the orientation of the downward notch) and sit in position on suspension base 4A.

The Plate 4D now needs to be sat in place over part 4I, locking it in position.

Two screws from pack EM finally lock these parts together.

Taking note of that notch in part 4I that I mentioned earlier, insert Lower shock absorber mount 4F into position.

Here you can see the part properly mounted.

Take two screws from pack LM and fasten the lower shock absorber mount in position. I found the supplied screwdriver too large for this task and used my own smaller driver, as seen by my photo.

Taking the appropriate Kingpin part 4E/4J and putting them into position, secure with long screw FM. Note that the Kingpin parts are marked with ‘L’ and ‘R’ to denote their orientation. This photo shows the ‘R’ Kingpin being secured. Make sure both Kingpins are now fitted.

These parts were a little difficult to decipher from the instructions, so I’ve done it for you. Here you see Right wheel hub 4H about to be located. There’s lots of clues here to do with orientation. I’ve tried to make this as easy as possible but feel free to ask questions.

Use a screw from pack FM and tighten until the screw will move no more. Don’t overtighten.

Your finished assembly will look like this. Put away until needed later in the build.

James H
#5 Posted : 09 December 2019 10:05:06

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Stage 5: The engine block

Pack contents:
5A. Engine block upper
5B. Carburettor
5C. Starter
5D. Engine block left
5E. Engine block right
AM. 1.7 x 5mm screws
GM. 1.7 x 4mm screws
CP. 1.7 x 4mm screws

Our last blister pack isn’t mounted on card, but in a stapled sleeve.

We don’t have too many components here, but this will be added to in later packs.

Take the Engine Block Left 5D and Engine Block Right 5E and push them together. There are locating pins to help you, and the fit is a little tight. I found a quick tap on the bench top made sure that the parts were snugly together.

The Starter 5C now plugs onto the right side of the engine block. A pin helps secure its position while…

…a screw from pack AM locks it firmly into position.

You will now need the Engine Block Upper 5A and the Carburettor 5B. The latter will only fit to the engine block in one position due to a tab, but will still move slightly. Ensure that it is straight and then…

…use a screw from pack CP to lock it into position.

Both assemblies you have built will now need to be put together. Check out the orientation in this photo and sit the upper engine block onto the lower block you assembled earlier. Pins help the location of the two subassemblies.

A screw from pack AM is now used to permanently lock them together.

The completed unit.

That’s all for Pack 1. Pop everything safely away until our next instalment.
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