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Wing motion problem,and repair Options
#1 Posted : 03 May 2020 21:15:47
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Hi All,

There are reports starting to come in about the motor for the wings not stopping, when the wings are closed. The problem lies with the limit switches, and is a result of the wings having a slight curvature. Wabie, over on the German ModelSpace forums has arrived at a solution, which is detailed below.

(please ignore the extra wiring you areseeing Wabie is doing an absolutely incredible series of modifications, and these are part of extra lighting. I invite you to go over there , and have a look though!


Now, the fix!

Hello everybody,

Here is a tutorial if the wings of your build do not do not switch off when closing. This is because the wings have a slight curvature and do not lie flat on top of each other, so the tab for stopping the motor does not come to the limit switch!

I have now labeled the pictures, I hope that you understand that now, by lining the tabs I have shortened the path that the wings cover during opening and closing. This means that the wings no longer open fully and no longer fully open.
It is now a matter of discretion, how much should the wing open, depending on how much I glue under the flap.The same when closing, if I glue too much underneath, the wing always stays open a bit, everyone has to try it out for themselves.

Important!!!! If you adjust the closing, remember that the limit switch does not trigger, switch off the voltage immediately!!!

Levelord from the Model-Space Forum Germany used a good method. He simply provided one of the 4 batteries with an adhesive strip so that in an emergency the battery can be pulled out of the battery compartment with one pull, without any major problems. This is quicker than pressing the switch.

If you have any questions, just ask

Photo caption Translations

Photo 1, from top to bottom: wing motor stop switch, Wing switch "open" stop switch

Photo 2, The tab of the lower right wing presses against this switch tab to stop the wing from opening further.

Photo 3: Here I have added a stop tab to switch the wing closing mechanism.
Photo 4, Captions read clockwise from the top: Wing closing limit tab, (This view is from below the right wing), This is the modified "Open" tab for the stop switch.

Photo 5: Read clockwise from the top left: Wing closing stop tab, Wing open stop tab, Lower right wing, Upper right wing
admin attached the following image(s):
pic 1.jpg
pic 2.jpg
pic 3.jpg
pic 4.jpg
pic 5.jpg
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#2 Posted : 06 May 2020 03:32:00

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This fix works perfectly. All it took was a .030" plastic shim glued to the bottom of the tab. Now the wings close and stop when they're together with no gap.
#3 Posted : 24 June 2020 14:08:20

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So this has now become a big issue. 5 issues from completion and now at a total stand still. Tried to make some shims, glued them in place, put everything back together, operated it several times, still didn't work right, took it all apart again and saw that my shim attempt has now snapped one of the metal switches and broke the contact. Also from having to hold and use the power switch several times to get the wings to stop moving while testing out this repair, the switch pulled right out of the wiring.
The main feature of an x-wing, the opening and closing of it's wings, is relying on a paper thin metal switch and plastic tabs? And now we have to rely on some mod to try to fix it? Everything has been really good about this build, but this is just a poorly designed feature.
I'm paying over 80 bucks a month for 2 years, how about figuring out and sending out a fix, or shims, or whatever, that will be standard for all subscribers that can be used to fix this.
I've e-mailed your company hoping I can get a new issue #69 and #71 that has the wing mechanism support and main power switch.
#4 Posted : 24 June 2020 20:14:18

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You may also want to take a look at the official build. I have also explained a repair for the wing movement. Just one plastic shim is sufficient.
The link below will show what to do.
Hope that also helps.

#5 Posted : 25 June 2020 18:55:06

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Well crap....looks like I'm tearing my entire rear assembly back apart yet again! I agree with the earlier post...80 bucks/month and I've already had to resolder the on/off switch (it wasn't soldered at all! The only thing holding it to the wires was the heat shrink tubing!!!)

This build has been awesome so far!!! I'm not giving up but come on...

#6 Posted : 25 June 2020 19:12:19

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Oh before I sound like a ass....thanks for the information Mark...and Wabbies, your model is awesome and enviable!!!

#7 Posted : 08 July 2020 07:55:21

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i just hope by the time we get to this in the UK, DeAgo/Model Space will have fixed the issue.
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James H
#8 Posted : 13 July 2020 11:59:44

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Simo7007 wrote:
i just hope by the time we get to this in the UK, DeAgo/Model Space will have fixed the issue.

I've just assembled mine and tested it.......and found this problem!

Now I have to strip it all apart again to fix something that shouldn't even have made it to the consumer.
#9 Posted : 27 April 2021 19:06:16

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Thanks for this advice after two weeks of bad language and frustration I’ve finally got the wings working properly
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